Inclusive mental health strategies are essential for supporting and empowering individuals with disabilities, particularly abandoned blind girls.

In many parts of the country, visually impaired girls face an uphill battle. Often abandoned these girls struggle to find a sense of belonging and purpose.

When we think about the struggle of visually impaired individuals, let us not forget about the unique challenges faced by abandoned blind girls.

If a hardworking person is kind, it doesn’t affect his/her work whether he/she is low vision & blind. Work done with honesty always brings achievement.
Thinking about blindness or a blind person, one might draw a picture of their mind. How practical are your perceptions about blind human beings?
The rights of blind people? It is giving a strong desire to answer, but no one-of-a-kind from those of the worldly-wise to see.They also want a happy childhood.

Last two years, we have witnessed many blind girls living in pitiable conditions. Parents think visually impaired girls are a burden for them.

India is home to 20% of visually impaired people. Still, millions of blind people have no access to white canes.


According to WHO, 285 million people are affected with visual impairment. Out of 285 million, 246 million people have low vision and 39 million people are blind.


Friendships play a significant role in our overall health and well-being. However, cultivating and sustaining meaningful friendships can sometimes be challenging. 


Blindness is a condition characterized by a significant loss or absence of vision. It is typically defined as visual acuity of 20/200 or worse in the better eye, even with the use of corrective lenses.


Experiencing vision impairment does not have to hinder educational and career opportunities. With the right support and accommodations.


The experience of blindness can vary depending on the individual and the cause of their visual impairment. It’s important to note that blindness refers to a significant loss of vision or the inability to see.


The eyes serve as gateways to both our inner selves and the external world. They enable us to perceive the depths of another person’s soul and provide us with a unique perspective on the surrounding environment. 


Children with visual impairments face unique challenges that can significantly impact their lives. While individuals may learn to cope with some challenges as they grow older.


Navigating through life without vision can indeed present unique challenges and require a daily hustle. Individuals who are vision impaired often face obstacles in various aspects of their daily lives.


Vision-impaired individuals may occasionally need assistance with everyday tasks they used to perform independently.


Blindness is a visual impairment characterized by the inability to see or a significant loss of vision. It is generally defined as having visual acuity of 20/200 or less.


No, being visually deficient is not a curse. While it is true that living with a visual impairment presents unique challenges, it is important to understand that having a visual deficiency does not diminish a person’s worth or potential.


Navigating a bustling city like Delhi can be challenging for anyone, but it poses unique obstacles for individuals with visual impairments. The ability to access reliable and inclusive transportation.


Living with blindness can present numerous challenges, but advancements in technology have opened up a world of possibilities for blind individuals. Assistive technologies have revolutionized the way.


In a world that largely relies on visual information, individuals with visual impairments face unique challenges in acquiring literacy skills. Braille, a tactile reading and writing system.


In a world primarily designed for sighted individuals, those who are visually impaired face numerous challenges in their daily lives. However, thanks to the incredible bond between humans and animals.


Welcome to Battle For Blindness, an organization dedicated to empowering individuals who are blind or visually impaired to lead fulfilling lives through education, healthcare, and employment opportunities.


The Battle For Blindness NGO is committed to empowering blind individuals by providing them with essential resources and support to overcome the challenges they face in various aspects of life.


In India, there are several employment opportunities available for blind individuals. The Indian government and various organizations have taken initiatives to promote inclusive employment.


Living with visual impairment presents unique challenges, but it doesn’t mean a blind person cannot lead a fulfilling and independent life.


In today’s digital age, smartphones and other electronic devices have become an integral part of our daily lives. It is crucial to ensure that these devices are accessible to individuals with disabilities, enabling them to fully participate in the digital world.


In the digital age, web accessibility is of paramount importance to ensure that blind individuals can navigate, access information, and engage with online content effortlessly. Blind accessible web design and inclusive digital content.


Stereotypes and misconceptions about blindness can perpetuate misunderstandings and hinder the full inclusion of blind individuals in society. By addressing these stereotypes and promoting accurate information, we can foster understanding.


Advocacy plays a vital role in advancing the rights and well-being of blind individuals. Advocating for the rights of blind individuals means actively working towards creating a society that values and respects their abilities.

Support the Visually Impaired People to make them Independent