Impact and Progress


The number of visually impaired girls separately supported for stay, food, and rehabilitation


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Establishment of the Battle for Blindness Foundation
Hosted Bihar's first blind girl's football tournament.
Recruited many volunteers and supported over 100 blind girls, assisting them in writing exams with the help of scribes and readers. As a result, numerous girls who previously couldn't take exams managed to do so, enabling them to pursue higher education.
Arranged Bihar's inaugural blind women's football tournament.
We travelled to various Indian states, visited schools, and assessed the educational support available for blind students, particularly in rural areas. We met parents of many blind girls, encouraging them by highlighting that blind girls can be educated. Consequently, we facilitated the enrollment of many blind girls into specialized schools and worked towards their inclusion in society.
Established a hostel for visually impaired girls.
Established a hostel for visually impaired girls. Recognizing the challenges faced by blind girls, particularly those without parental support, we initiated a secure hostel offering food, education, medical assistance, and career development opportunities. Our goal is to integrate these girls into society's mainstream by providing comprehensive support.

Plans for 2023-2025

Planning to expand our hostel’s capacity from 14 to 50 to accommodate visually impaired girls from across India. Over the next three years, our aim is to educate more blind girls annually, provide hostel facilities, and ensure their integration into mainstream society. Our mission is to empower blind girls to lead lives like everyone else.

Support the Visually Impaired People to make them Independent