Mission and Vision


At “Battle for Blindness Foundation” our mission is to light the path of independence and empowerment for visually impaired individuals. We aim to provide resources, a range of support services, and opportunities to those affected by visual impairment. We are dedicated to enhancing their quality of life and upholding their dignity. We strive to be on a relentless mission to help the visually impaired navigate life’s challenges with confidence.


Our vision at “Battle for Blindness” is to be the guiding beacon for the visually impaired community.to create an inclusive and compassionate society, where visually impaired individuals are not defined by their disability but celebrated for their unique abilities. We envision a future where visual impairment is not a limitation but an opportunity to lead fulfilling lives, pursue their dreams, and actively participate in all aspects of society. Together we are painting a brighter, more inclusive world, where the battle against blindness is won through knowledge, opportunities, and empowerment.

Support the Visually Impaired People to make them Independent