We welcome passionate individuals who are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of visually impaired individuals to join us as volunteers at the Battle for Blindness Foundation. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to be a source of inspiration and support to these remarkable individuals. Whether you have skills in teaching, assistive technology, orientation and mobility, or simply a heart full of empathy, your time and dedication can help transform the lives of the needy. Join our community of volunteers and together, we can create an inclusive and empowering environment for visually impaired people, fostering their independence and self-confidence. Your contribution as a volunteer will not only enrich their lives but also leave you with a sense of fulfillment and a deeper understanding of the resilience and strength within us all.

Our Campaigns

Contributing Healthy Groceries to the Needy Blind

India is home to 15 million visually impaired women, of which only five per cent are capable of earning a living independently. Not just that, 99 per cent of blind women and girls have no access to any form of education.

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Support the Visually Impaired by Donating for Walking Canes and Enhancing Independence

Supporting the visually impaired community with the gift of mobility and independence is a cause close to our hearts. Blind individuals rely on walking canes to traverse their surroundings safely, ensuring they can detect obstacles like stones, vehicles, curbs, and potholes to make informed navigational decisions.

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Celebrate Your Birthday by Making a Meaningful Donation to Support the Visually Impaired

Celebrate the most cherished day of your life, whether it’s your own birthday, your child’s, or a loved one’s, by making it even more special. At Battle For Blindness, we are committed to supporting the visually impaired community in Delhi who are struggling with homelessness and hunger.

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Support the Visually Impaired People to make them Independent