Initiatives and Projects

Monthly Free White Cane Distribution Program

The Battle for Blindness Foundation is committed to ensuring that every individual with a visual disability has the right to orientation and mobility. With our annual Free White Cane Distribution Program, we aim to provide free walking canes to numerous blind individuals, empowering them with the means to navigate the world with confidence. Our goal is to distribute thousands of white canes each year as part of this project.

Braille Learning and Writing Initiative

Our Braille Learning and Writing Initiative is designed to empower blind individuals, especially young girls, with essential literacy skills. Each year, we conduct workshops to teach them how to read Braille books and write in Braille using slates and styluses. This project serves as a significant milestone in their academic journey, opening doors to enhanced educational opportunities and personal growth.

Supporting Blind Couples in Matrimony

At the Battle for Blindness Foundation, we firmly believe that disability should not be a barrier to leading a fulfilling life, both personally and professionally. As part of our commitment to social inclusion, we organize marriage ceremonies for visually impaired couples in need. We provide financial assistance and essential household items during the Kanyadaan ritual, ensuring that they can embark on their journey as equal and contributing members of society.

Support the Visually Impaired People to make them Independent