Preparation for Exams for Govt. Jobs
Preparation for Exams for Govt. Jobs
Preparation for Exams for Govt. Jobs
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Job options in India for People with Disability PwD including the visually impaired.

The government has established a policy framework that includes the reservation of a specific percentage of seats for visually impaired individuals. The lack of awareness surrounding these provisions often hinders visually impaired individuals from pursuing government job opportunities.
At Battle for Blindness, we are dedicated to bridging this knowledge gap. Our mission is to inform and empower visually impaired individuals, ensuring they are well informed about such reserved openings. We provide the necessary support and guidance to enable them to navigate the entire application process, successfully participate in examinations and interviews, and ultimately secure the desirable positions they aspire to attain.
In India, several government departments and agencies have job openings and employment opportunities for blind or visually impaired individuals. Some of the prominent government departments and sectors include:
The availability of job opportunities may vary from year to year and depend on specific recruitment notifications issued by these Government departments and organizations. Additionally, individuals with visual impairments may need to meet specific eligibility and qualification requirements for each job position.

Assisting blind or visually impaired individuals to prepare for government job examinations and interviews.

It requires a comprehensive approach that addresses their unique needs. Here are several key points on how this can be achieved and how we guide and support them.

By implementing these measures, any government department or organization in a social cause can create a more inclusive and equitable environment for blind and visually impaired individuals to prepare for and excel in job examinations and interviews.

Support the Visually Impaired People to make them Independent