Orientation and Mobility
Orientation and Mobility
Orientation and Mobility
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Through our interactions with numerous visually impaired individuals, we have gained a deep understanding of their primary aspiration: “independence.” In fact, they yearn to exercise this autonomy in their daily travels.
As an integral component of our orientation and mobility program, our objective is to educate visually impaired individuals on methods to make their journeys safe and efficient. Our goal is to empower them to navigate their surroundings with confidence, avoiding obstacles and dead ends, ultimately fostering enhanced mobility, independence, and overall well-being for every individual with visual impairments.

Orientation and mobility training for visually impaired individuals

It can be delivered through various methods and approaches, tailored to the individual’s needs and circumstances. Here are different ways to provide orientation and mobility training to visually impaired people:
These various methods and approaches can be combined and adapted to meet the unique needs and goals of visually impaired individuals, promoting greater independence and a higher quality of life.
We give wings to the lives of the visually impaired. Know more about other activities here.

Support the Visually Impaired People to make them Independent