Top 6 must needed tools for visually impaired people

According to WHO, 285 million people are affected with visual impairment. Out of 285 million, 246 million people have low vision and 39 million people are blind. However, due to a lack of awareness, millions of blind people are struggling to complete their daily chores. They are fully dependent on sighted people for any kind of help. But, some innovative tools can smoothen their daily lives.  Battle for Blindness Foundation has taken a giant step to provide the best tools to its in-housed visually impaired girls. Let’s deep dive into the top 10 essential tools for blind people!

Before diving deep into the canes, let’s explore the various types of canes on their use cases and color grading. They will support visually impaired people with various kinds and degrees of vision impairment.


1. LyriQ Text-to-Speech Reader
This is the wonderful automatic scan device that reads aloud anything you place here for scanning. It detects the characters and reads them aloud. So, when visually impaired people need to know what type of content they are scanning for, they can take the help of the LyriQ device. They can also read books, magazines, newspapers, and letters by placing them inside the LyriQ scanner.  The LyriQ Assitive Text-to-Speech Reader weighs only 3 lbs, has easy profitability, and has a backup of fifteen hours.


2. Victor Reader Stream

Victor Reader Stream is the smallest and smartest handheld digital talking book reader for visually impaired people. Here, visually impaired people can listen to novels, magazines, favorite music, podcast, and own recordings. Victor Reader Stream has collaborated with BARD, BookShare, and NFB News Line where users can download books, magazines, and newspapers. It helps students to listen to textbooks, record class lectures, and listen to them later. It helps users to take notes, listen to Word documents, and prepare presentations. 

Image 2: Victor Reader Stream

3. JAWS Screen Reader – Professional Edition

JAWS (Job Access with Speed) helps visually impaired people to read the text on the computer screen with the help of a speech synthesizer or braille display.  JAWS Reader is the world’s most popular software for visually impaired people. It can easily navigate with your mouse, and scan and read all of your documents, emails, websites, and apps. JAWS helps to fill out web forms with ease, streamlines with web browsing keystrokes, easy access with Daisy formatted basic training and saves time with skim reading.


4. ZoomText Fusion Screen Reader

JAWS Reader helps visually impaired people read text via a speech synthesizer. But, what happens if words were written in very small fonts?  There, JAWS faces difficulties to speak tiny written words.  To sort out the current problem, ZoomText Fusion is a superb accessibility tool that can amplify the words so that JAWS Reader can perfectly speak the words. ZoomText provides screen magnification and visual enhancements while JAWS Reader provides a speech synthesizer. The combined solution is Fusion which is the blended version of JAWS and ZoomText.

Image 4: Fusion – Combination of JAWS and ZoomText

Fusion has flexible, high-quality speech using Eloquence and Vocalizer Expressive, powerful keyboard access including navigation on the web, and a wide range of customization options. Fusion comes in two versions: Professional and Home. A professional license is used by Blind schools, NGOs, Organizations, and businesses. Meanwhile, the Home version is purely for non-commercial use, limited to individuals for personal use.


5. ClearReader + Portable Text-to-Speech Reader
The ClearReader + Portable Text-to-Speech Reader has known for its sleek design with wonderful OCR reading and scanning devices. It scans any magazine articles within a few seconds in natural-sounding voices. It helps visually impaired people to use its button easily because of its distinctive shapes. It can provide voices in 31 different languages for both males and females voices. Before reading, just select your preferred language, and easy to go with smooth reading to your favorite topic. You can save the post later, archive multiple-page documents, and access them later. You can use it anywhere with its convenient foldable carrying handle.


Image 5: ClearReader+Portable Text to Speech Reader

6. Juliet 120 Double-Sided Braille Embosser
Juliet 120 is a portable Braille printer that uses fan-folded paper for interpoint braille. Juliet 120 can print 120 characters per second with 400 PPH. It is enabled with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, American Synthetic Speech, Braille translator, remote support, lighted keys, and a control panel. Visually impaired people can print documents from an iPad, or Android device, by the internet, or by simply clicking the device into the printer. Visually impaired people can import files or draw what they want and print with the Firebird tactile graphics software. Juliet 120 has sideways and booklet printing styles so that you can print any size of newspaper and magazine.

Image 6: Juliet 120 Double-Sided Braille Embosser

According to WHO, around 2.2 billion people globally have near or distant vision impairment. We know that we can’t access them all, but the Battle for Blindness Foundation has pledged itself to provide the best tools to needy visually impaired girls.


Battle for Blindness Foundation has been toiling its sweat to provide basic amenities to visually impaired girls’ hostels, food, education, career, and sports. Come and join our greater cause to change the perception of the world that blind people can do any work with the help of adequate resources. Volunteer yourself to achieve the long-term goal of the ‘Battle for Blindness foundation’.

The great and mighty cause can’t be completed without the association of our sponsors and partners. We are not only empowering the visually impaired girls but also changing the perception of our surroundings. Your collaboration and our work can change the lives of blind girls. Take an initiative to become our partners and sponsors by connecting with us.


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