Career Options for the Visually Impaired

If a hardworking person is kind, it doesn’t affect his/her work whether he/she is low vision & blind. Work done with honesty always brings achievement. We take part in various jobs which are offered to us because of our capabilities. When choosing a career path, individuals with vision loss explore careers based on their vocational interests and do not limit their options for pursuing jobs in the labor market because of having a visual disability.

However, visually impaired teens and adults do not always learn about career options and jobs in the same way sighted individuals do. Therefore, prior to selecting a career path, they need opportunities to explore jobs in their careers of interest by visiting worksites, completing informational interviews with workers, volunteering, and holding internships. These opportunities increase a person’s awareness of jobs available in the workforce as well as the tasks, training, and salary associated with different jobs. During the job exploration process, they discover what their preferences are for lifelong work.

We don’t have to underestimate someone’s capability and forget about someone’s talent. People like Author Helen Keller. Musician Art Tatum and many others examples that there may be no work within the world that visually impaired people cannot do. They can make even impossible tasks possible and inspire everyone.

Nowadays, society is making space and area for visually impaired people to take part in various fields and giving them a chance to become independent.


There are certain career options where blind human beings can pursue their career:
Financial Experts
It is one of the growing fields in the market and is opening employment opportunities for many graduates. It will highly prefer graduates with visual impairment for this position. Because of their great analytical skills they can prepare forecasts for corporate, economic, and industrial conditions.
Call Center/ Customer Service
A call center executive position can help visually impaired people to become self-dependent and assist them in improving their communication skills. In this carrier, they just want to take in telephone conversations.
Employment opportunities in Government Sector
Implementing the Persons with Disability Act 1995 which mandates 1% of jobs for people with visual disabilities has boosted employment options. This aid by the government has employed many blind people in teaching, railways, and banks.
Career in Teaching
Visually impaired people can educate school and college students with a lack of vision as they know well how to handle objects and machines specially made for them. Their teaching methods can be helpful for school and college students to study easily.
Location Coordinator
Visually impaired people with proper knowledge of computers, basic knowledge of stock maintenance, and good communication skills can take part in this work. Banglore and Hyderabad are the 2 foremost states which have a vacancy in this field for visually impaired people.


Job opportunities for people who are blind or visually impaired are limitless especially when accommodations are in place. They employed individuals with visual impairments in all classes of work including the private sector, local, state, and federal government; and even self-employment as entrepreneurs.

Support the Visually Impaired People to make them Independent