Supported Employment for Visually Impaired Girls

Blind and Impaired womens is sit in the room
A recent study concluded that about 37% of individuals who suffer from vision loss are employed as of July 2022. To enhance this number further, we at Battle for Blindness have set out on a journey to help the visually impaired find employment. Not any employment but meaningful and value-driven jobs of their choice that can make a positive impact on their lives, and the lives of people near and dear to them.
With most of our volunteers bringing strong qualifications and market experience to the table, we believe it will become easier for us to help the visually impaired gain the necessary skillset, train well for their interviews, select jobs as per their capabilities, and eventually acquire their dream job. We are collectively working in this direction.
Have a look at our gallery. Our students work very hard and grow to become independent and fulfilling their lives.
We give wings to the lives of the visually impaired. Know more about other activities here.

Support the Visually Impaired People to make them Independent