Why White Canes Are a Necessity for Visually Impaired Girls

India is home to 20% of visually impaired people. Still, millions of blind people have no access to white canes. However, the condition of visually impaired girls is more critical. They rarely get walking canes for mobility and orientation. If you look at history, Richard E. Hoover, a World War II veteran developed the first white cane in 1944. From that time to the present time, white canes have transformed into many shapes and designs. According to a survey, only 2-8% of visually impaired people use white canes, the rest rely on sighted guides or other resources. It’s an uphill task to provide every person with a walking stick. But, donating a single cane can bring smiles to many faces.


Walking cane: A symbol of freedom

Before diving deep into the canes, let’s explore the various types of canes on their use cases and color grading. They will support visually impaired people with various kinds and degrees of vision impairment.

Canes based on its use-cases

Long Cane
It enables low-vision individuals to detect obstacles by moving the cane in front of them.

Identification Cane
This cane is a visual signal to people that the person is blind or has low vision. However, it doesn’t detect obstacles but, it detects the height of steps, gutters, and down drops.

Support Cane
This cane can be used for physical support. It also doesn’t detect obstacles but identifies a blind person on the streets.


Canes based on their color grading

All White Canes
They are used by people who are totally blind.

All White Cane: For fully visually impaired people

The Red and White Canes

If any person is both deaf and blind, he/she can use a red and white cane.

Red and white canes: For Deaf and Blind People


White canes with red bottom

The person who uses this cane indicates that the person has a low vision problem.

White Cane with Red Bottom: Indication for Low Vision people

How to use a white cane?

Learning the correct cane technique helps you to walk smoothly with a white cane. Use your dominant hand either left or right to hold it firmly. Use your index finger to point down the shaft of the cane and your thumb and other fingers should wrap around it. It looks like you are shaking a hand with your white cane.

Cane Essential Techniques: A correct way to use white canes

After achieving the first stage on how to hold the white cane, the next stage is walking with a white cane. Make sure your all movements should come from your fingers and wrist. You can keep your arm close to the waist to prevent tiredness. The constant contact technique will always focus on moving constantly across the ground. Some canes vibrate when feeling an obstacle. After constant practice, you can even run with your white cane!

Cane Training for Visually Impaired Girls
Battle for Blindness Foundation has onboarded the trained orientation and mobility experts to train visually impaired girls. Just purchasing a cane is not enough. They must know which canes are useful for them or how to use them. O&M specialists investigate all the parameters of visually impaired girls and suggest suitable canes for them. They train them to achieve the highest mobility through white canes.


Final words
White canes become the lifeline for their growth and career. Now, they can walk freely on the street without the help of a sighted person. Walking canes provide them empowerment, freedom, confidence, and support to fulfill their dreams. Donate a walking stick to visually impaired girls to change their life. Your cane donation initiative can transform their vision and thoughts.


Battle for Blindness Foundation has been toiling its sweat to provide basic amenities to visually impaired girls’ hostels, food, education, career, and sports. Come and join our greater cause to change the perception of the world that blind people can do any work with the help of adequate resources. Volunteer yourself to achieve the long-term goal of the ‘Battle for Blindness foundation’.

The great and mighty cause can’t be completed without the association of our sponsors and partners. We are not only empowering the visually impaired girls but also changing the perception of our surroundings. Your collaboration and our work can change the lives of blind girls. Take an initiative to become our partners and sponsors by connecting with us.


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