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About Us:
We are building a future for people with disability by empowering them with skill development and vocational training in Rural India.
In the heart of Delhi, our NGO stands as a beacon of hope for blind, abandoned girls, offering them education, rehabilitation, and pathways to meaningful employment. But our mission continues. We’ve uncovered a pressing need in the rural areas of India, where blind youth and people with multiple disabilities lack the crucial support and direction to carve out dignified lives.

Navigating Darkness: How Walking Sticks Bring Independence to Visually Impaired people

Imagine these young souls’ challenges—navigating a world that often overlooks their potential, isolated in rural areas where growth opportunities are scarce. Many are hesitant to leave their homes, fearing the unknown terrain of distant cities. Yet, we refuse to let geography define their destinies.

In collaboration with local communities, we’re embarking on a transformative journey. We envision a rehabilitation centre for blind and disabled youth where they are taught and empowered with skills tailored to their unique abilities. Our goal is clear: to construct a hub of learning and opportunity right in the heart of rural India, where disabled youth can access vocational training and employment prospects without uprooting from the familiarity of their villages. We want them to find livelihood opportunities to live confidently and self-sustainably.

But we need help to achieve this vision. We need your support to build this center of hope. By donating construction materials, you’re not just contributing bricks and mortar but investing in the futures of countless young lives.
Your generosity will give blind and disabled youth the tools they need to thrive, the confidence to stand tall, and the security of knowing they can build their dreams without leaving behind the warmth of home.
Let’s erase the barriers of disability and geography for a brighter, more inclusive tomorrow. Join us in our mission to illuminate the path for blind youth in rural Rural India. Your donation isn’t just a gift—it’s a lifeline, a promise of dignity, and to turn their dreams into reality.

Please donate today and join them on their journey towards independence, confidence, and a life filled with purpose.

Project Summary:
Battle for Blindness Foundation has set its legs to establish its own branch in Begusarai, Bihar because the foundation has faced severe problems while operating from rental premises. This branch is fully dedicated to people with multiple disabilities. Battle for Blindness Foundation will empower these people with skills, help them become self-sufficient, and earn a decent life. The proposed foundation is located in rural Begusarai, Bihar, and has spanned 1300 sq ft. It has three floors. Each floor has 3 classrooms and 1 digital library. Hence, there are 9 classrooms and 3 digital libraries on three floors. This foundation will set a milestone for people with multiple disabilities.

Project Title:

Construction for people with disability by empowering them with skill development and vocational training in Rural India.

Project Goal:

“We aim to inspire, educate, and uplift them. Many of our inmates were once on the streets, where they were vulnerable to the prying eyes of predators. But here, they are safe and sound. We make sure of that.”

Project Brief:

All the beneficiaries hail from economically weak families across Begusarai Bihar, the number of beneficiaries shall increase once the new building is completed and full-fledged operations start.

Project Duration:

The duration of the proposed project shall be one year (12 months).

Situation Analysis in India:

It is estimated that approximately 4.95 million individuals are blind, accounting for 0.36% of the total population. Additionally, approximately 35 million people experience visual impairment, making up 2.55% of the population. Around 0.24 million children in India suffer from blindness.