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Donate Grocery to Abandoned Visually impaired girls. Your small contribution can make a huge difference in their lives.

Contributing Healthy Groceries to the needy blind

This is a Grocery Kit which contains Rice 3 kg: 165/-, Atta 2kg: 90/-, Salt 1kg: 26/-, Toor Dal 1 kg: 180/-, Sugar 1kg: 44/-,Turmeric 100gm: 30/-, Garam Masala 100gm: 45/-, /-: Refined oil 1lit: 140/- Total Kit Price-720/-

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Refined Oil


Sabut Chana


Soya Chunks

India is home to 15 million visually impaired women, of which only five per cent are capable of earning a living independently. Not just that, 99 per cent of blind women and girls have no access to any form of education. The stats are so alarming as visual disability accounts for 19% of all physical disability in India” Ram Kumar knew he might not be able to help all the 12-15 million blind women but he had to start somewhere. So he started with a residence and training facility for blind girls who are majorly orphaned or abandoned.
Battle For Blindness Foundation has been a ray of hope for 14 such blind girls, many of whom have been abandoned by their families owing to their visual impairment. Sadly, the care, shelter and education for blind girls come at a cost, and Battle For Blindness is unable to keep its work going. Your donations can help shine the light of education upon 14 blind girls and change their lives forever

Every little contribution you make will be a little flicker of light in the lives of visually impaired girls who dream of a brighter future. Donate now.

In case you have donated directly through UPI, Bank transfer, through cheque kindly WhatsApp your details such as Name, Address, and PAN for an 80G receipt on +91-8383933493

Every Contribution will be utilized with 100% transparency. The beneficiary photographs will be sent to you with an 80G Tax Benefit Certificate

Battle For Blindness Foundation committed to 93% go directly towards projects that directly benefit the Abandoned blind girls

Frequently Asked Question

Ans- Yes, our NGO is a government-certified organization.
Ans- All donor transactions take place on our donation web pages utilizing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. This helps protect your donors’ financial payment data from fraud.
Ans- Yes, you can get a tax exemption certificate within three days of donation.
Ans. – You need to donate a minimum of 500 INR to get a tax exemption. 80G Tax Benefits on Donations: All monetary donations made by an Indian national to this NGO are eligible to receive an exemption from section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
Ans. – You need to donate a minimum of 500 INR to get a tax exemption.

About Project

In the year 2020, Ram started a hostel for visually challenged girls belonging to different villages in rural India with free boarding and lodging facilities. They do not charge any payment from the girls and hence the girls can focus on their education. Their hostel facilities are a lifeline for 14 visually challenged girls. These girls come from the most marginalised and poorest of poor families with little or no support. The hostel has been designed to provide these girls with a clean, hygienic, comfortable and homely life, which includes personal beds, well-ventilated rooms and clean toilets.
They provide a family-like atmosphere, healthy meals, medical aid as well as education and scholarship support to the girls residing at the hostel. They also provide career and employment assistance and mentoring to help these young and bright girls secure a place for themselves in society. The girls are trained in typing skills, computer skills and on the audio , tool called JAWS,NVDA which is meant for blind people. They have seen a measurable impact owing to the supportive environment of the hostel, and a number of girls have now moved on to employment of their choice.

In 2017, Ms. Pranjal Patil became India’s first visually challenged IAS officer. In 2020, GV Oviya became the first visually impaired student of South India to write CBSE board exams using a computer and scored 447 marks out of 500 marks.

Battle for Blindness Foundation also works for the same motive to prosper all the in-housed visually impaired girls. Currently, 14 visually impaired girls are residing at our hostel facilities. But, the current recession time leads to an extreme financial crisis for our NGO. Our hostel doesn’t have sufficient grocery items to feed our in-housed visually impaired girls.

We have raised them with a lot of hope and aspiration. Our foundation wants these visually impaired girls to become self-independent and become an integral part of our society. They can also do various work as normal-sighted people with the aid of instruments and technology. Some visually impaired girls from our foundation got selected in reputed government exams under the visually impaired quota.

About Us

At Battle for Blindness Foundation, we are dedicated to illuminating the path of empowerment for visually impaired girls. As a prominent nonprofit organization, we have been unwavering in our commitment to transform the lives of economically disadvantaged visually impaired girls since our establishment in 2020. Over the years, our impact has grown exponentially, and today, we proudly serve a community of abandoned blind girls.

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To: Battle For Blindness Foundation U/G/F, Back Side, B-60, Gali No. 11, Sewak Park, Dwarka Mor, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi – 110059

For any queries contact us on the mobile number: +91-8383933493 or Email:

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